We are now using Lighthouse 360 for our appointment confirmation service.  You will receive a text or email to remind you of your appointment.

You can than easily confirm this appointment with a simple response back. 

Please call (614) 497-0012 to schedule appointments, update account information, or cancel/change appointments.


We recognize the apprehension and anxiety some of us feel when we visit the dentist.  Those painful memories of the past should not prevent you from receiving the quality care you deserve.  This is why our doctors have perfected the art of truly painless dentistry.  Some of our best patients started out as some of our most terrified patients before they arrived at our practice.  Luckily, anyone can experience this type of confidence transformation and anxiety relief through the gentle care and dedication of our highly trained and empathetic staff.  Let us exceed your every expectation as we carefully walk you through your treatment, answer any and all questions you may have, amaze you when you experience a painless anesthetic injection, and follow through with a relaxing and comfortable procedure.  In addition to topical and local anesthetic, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available for those patients who may need a little more. For more demanding procedures, we offer oral sedation.


Your safety and well being is our top priority. To protect both our patients and ourselves, we strictly maintain sterilization and cross contamination processes which often exceeds the standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Also, our entire staff is required to attend regular OSHA office training and certification. All surfaces in the treatment rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each patient. Whenever possible, disposable single use items are used to ensure your safety.



We believe in the importance of regular professional cleaning and check-ups. Only in this manner, can you minimize or avoid the need for costly and extensive dental treatments in the future and/or loss of your teeth. However, the responsibility of returning for your cleaning and check-up lies with you, the patient.

An integral part of maintaining your teeth for life is the removal of plaque and tarter on a regular basis. The frequency of your visits is based upon your individual needs and oral health. During your visit we will update your medical history, perform an oral cancer screening exam, check your teeth for cavities, review oral hygiene instructions, and monitor your periodontal (gum) condition. Fluoride treatments are provided for children under the age of thirteen and for those adults when appropriate.