Don’t be afraid of
the picture above.
That’s not YOUR cavity
I’m going to drill.

Hello, my name is Matt. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been a Buckeye my whole life, even though I’ve spent a great deal of time in that state up north.

To make a living, I fix teeth. Okay. That’s an over simplification but you get the idea. I’ve been practicing general dentistry for over 21 years. I love what I do: help people achieve a great smile and a healthy mouth. If you or someone you know needs a caring, competent dentist, click here. I would love to help.

I’ve been married to the same great gal for over 24 years. Next year, we’ll do something special to celebrate our Silver Anniversary. We just need to figure out what that will be.

Check out my “Interests” page to see what things I’m into on a regular basis. I have a few social media accounts, but I no longer spend much time with them. Instagram is probably the most active.